Miami Premium Cigars

Miami cigar rollers bring that visual that reminds guests of that “Havana feel” however,
the main reason for the cigar rolling feature is to get more guests exposed to our brand of premium cigars.

All of our cigars are made with pure, Dominican filler with Connecticut shade wrapper leaf for the
most sought after flavor that cigar aficionados demand. The cigar rollers, cigar servers, and the custom cigar bands are all put together to make the experience of our brand more enjoyable for guests.

Premium Cigars

Miami is famous for cigars, however, few are actually made overseas and this is what sets us apart. Imported cigars make up all of the major brands in the United States. The quality in the construction and tobacco creates a finished product that is worthy of being placed in stores. The cigars are not made in the United States.Cigars that are made locally are typically made with “Grade B or C” tobacco which means lower quality. People often mistake local cigars for the real thing and this is a mistake not often realized until the night of the event.

Dominican Tobacco

Cigars that are made in factories in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are subject to a far higher standard than those made locally by a small business. Small businesses have an interest in using all of their tobacco which means, the scraps that should be discarded will end up in the final product. Further, cigars made locally are typically “shorted” meaning, the tobacco does not fill the cigar as it should which keeps the cost down but lowers the quality of the construction and flavor.

Personalized Cigars

As with all brands, the quality of our cigars is paramount and although most planners don’t know the difference, the cigar knowledgeable guests at the event do know the difference.Cigars together with the cigar rollers and other cigar related features that we provide are all top quality with great attention to the detail in the cigars as well as the event. Contact us using our contact form so we can match the right cigars for your special evening.