Miami Cigar Servers

Miami Cigar Servers with Cigar Rollers have become a growing addition to any event that has cigar roller in Miami.

Cigar waitresses serve cigars to your guests rather than having guests approach the cigar roller’s table. This is best for larger events so guests will not need to overwhelm the cigar rolling station and instead, can have the cigars brought to them which at the same time, creates a classic addition to the overall upscale of your cigar presentation. Cigar Servers or cigar waitresses will hand out cigars in a way that’s reminiscent of the lounges from the 1930′s. The ladies will “float” the room with our unique cigar trays and hand out cigars personally to your guests. The visual of these unique Cigars Servers make your event a truly special occasion.

Cigar Server Flair

Cigar servers can be male or female and will always be in modest evening attire when serving cigars to guest’s. The five-star hotels throughout Miami’s South Beach usually request cigar servers that are female to bring an attractive visual to the affai


Cigar Knowledgable

Cigar servers will be knowledgeable about the cigars they are serving at the event. They have cigar knowledge and have worked for the company for some time while being specific when describing the cigars they are serving for your event.

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The cigar rolling package we create for you will not only include our Cigar Servers. but may have other options and suggestions that you may want to include for your upscale affair that will give you and your guests a memory that will last long after the party is over. Contact us for information regarding Cigar Servers with our contact form.