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Miami Cigar Roller Events

Miami cigar rolling events are fueled by Master Cuban cigar rollers that are all supervised by our full-time Events Department. The cigar roller package will be carefully put together to match the amount of guests and the type of event that you have to make the cigar rolling feature a success. Cigar rollers or just a portion of the package as other factors like the type of cigars (mild to medium bodied, full body to strong, short length to, etc.) are all factors that are taken into consideration to suit your event with the proper cigar rolling feature.

Contact using the contact form which will give us the information needed to create a quote that will add cigar rolling to your Big Day. Choose our Cigar Rollers Miami for your next event.

Cigar Rollers Info

Cigar rollers are typically added 2 hours for guest lists under 400 people. For Weddings, the cigar roller will also attach custom cigar bands to each cigar that is rolled on site as well as the cigars brought along with us that are ready to smoke. A Cigar Host is another option to include. Your Cigar Host will not only service your guests with cutting and lighting cigars, but creates a strong, interactive element with conversation and general “cigar speak” so that guests can be entertained and informed at the same time.

Grade A Cigars

The cigars that are supplied for guests to smoke are all imported and none of them are mode here in the United States. This level of quality is “Grade A” and different than any other claim made by anyone is the States.  Like all brands, the cigars are made in factory conditions in the Dominican republic and Nicauragua to ensure quality any aficionado expects when smoking premium cigars.


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Miami Cigar Rolling events

Miami Cigar Rolling

There are some Miami cigar roller events that may require two cigar rollers to cover a large area which is typical for trade shows, large affairs and red carpet events. The five-star hotels throughout Miami usually don’t need two rollers as these events are typically self-contained in the gazebo areas by the pool for the outside bar. Miami cigar rolling events are sometimes complimented by Cigar Servers which is another feature that you should think about if your event is a classic Miami affair.