Cigar Rollers Miami

Miami cigar rollers are popular throughout southern Florida due to the strong Cuban population that developed since the 1980s. Cigar rollers from Cuba opened up stores throughout the area now known as Little Havana and developed a trade that was soon to be a demanded throughout Florida and eventually to the rest of the country.

Miami Cigar Events

Cigar rolling events have been taken to a different level these days and have become far more polished than ever before. Through our full-time events department, cigar rolling features are now commonplace throughout Miami and South Beach, in many high-end hotels and resorts. Let our Cigar Catering Miami service plan your special event.

Cigar Servers

Cigar Servers are common with a cigar roller and popular in South Beach. Ocean Drive to Collins Avenue and the 5-star establishments have all had cigar servers at one point or another for affluent guests who are also typically cigar aficionados. Our cigar servers have cigar knowledge and have worked for the company for some time while being specific when describing the cigars they are serving for your event.

Premium Tobacco

Our cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic and are imported into the United States as all brands are through the Port Of Miami. The Port of Miami is responsible for most of the premium cigars supply a continuous flow of tobacco to bring the best cigars that cigar lovers are used to in their lifestyle.